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Waterproofing of basements is extremely challenging and is a critical aspect of any structure. We use advanced technologies and our vast expertise to ensure water tightness for the structure. The under raft slab and retaining walls are treated with various systems depending on the foundation designs. We provide a fit for purpose solution to ensure a dry basement. We have successfully executed  some of the deepest basement in extremely challenging circumstances . 


Different Types Of Basement Waterproofing Systems 


  • Fully Bonded HDPE Membrane

  • Loosely Laid PVC  Membrane 

  • T-Lock Mechanically Bonded PVC Membrane

  • Geo Synthetic Clay Liner 

  • EPDM Membrane 

  • Fully Bonded SBS Membrane 

  • Concrete Admixtures

  • Brush/ Spray Applied Crystalline System



Large open to sky podiums are widely used for hardscape/ landscape and recreational purposes. These podiums are subjected to heavy wear and tear due to various factors such as abrasion, thermal expansion and contraction and regular usage. These structures therefore demand a very high performance solution. We have executed very large open to sky podium works.


Different Types Of Open To Sky Podium Waterproofing Systems:


  • Polyisoprene Coatings 

  • Polyurethane Coatings

  • Hybrid Polyurethane And Polyurea Coatings 

  • Pure Polyurea Coatings 



Exposed roofs and terraces are subject to various weathering conditions such as heavy rains to high temperatures. We provide a unique waterproofing cum insulation system to ensure maximum protection to the living space below. Having executed more than 1000 exposed roofs and terraces, we boast of some very satisfied clients.

Different Types Of Roofs And Terraces Waterproofing Systems:

Liquid/Spray Applied Coatings

  • Polyisoprene Coatings

  • Polyurethane Coatings 

  • Hybrid Polyurethane Coatings 

  • Pure Polyurea Coatings


Preformed Membranes 


  • TPO  (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Membrane) 

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane) 

  • Epdm (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Membrane) 


Over Deck Insulation 


  • Spray Applied Insulation 

  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam 

  • Heat Reflective Paints





Frequent use of toilets and kitchens make these areas more vulnerable to water seepage causing major nuisance and inconvenience. These areas require uttermost care as they are habitable. We provide a solution by using our unique waterproofing system for sunken and non sunken toilets/ kitchens to ensure water tightness for 20/25 years. We execute 5000 toilets annually and have a great track record. 


Different types of Toilets/Kitchens Waterproofing: 


  • Two Part Cementitious Coating 

  • Single Component Polyisoprene Coating 

  • Single Component Acrylic Coating



Bridges are important infrastructure facilities connecting different areas and allowing smooth movement of men, material and machinery. Early deterioration of cement concrete bridge structures resulting in weakness or even part collapse. Minor causes like leakage and seepage of water or deicing salt solution into even the slightly permeable deck concrete surface result in corrosion of reinforcing steel which results in spalling, cracking and loss of section of structure. The problem can be solved to a great extent if concrete surface is protected against ingress of moisture and salts. In other words, if a protection layer is introduced over the bridge deck concrete surface in the form of a dependable waterproofing system.

The waterproofing of bridge decks is recognized  as a vital and necessary operation to enhance the durability and longevity of the life of a bridge. The waterproofing  systems largely fall into acrylics and polyurethanes and normally consist of three elements. Primer, membrane applied in one or two coats and tack coat specially developed to enhance the bond of the membrane to the surfacing mix.


Different Types Of Bridge Deck Waterproofing:


  • APP Preformed Membrane

  • SBS Preformed Membrane 

  • Spray Applied Polyurethane Coatings 

  • Spray Applied PMMA/ MMA Coatings

Bridge Deck 2.jpg
Bridge Deck 1.jpg
Bridge Deck Waterproofing.jpg


Tunnel waterproofing is demanding and challenging. Damage from hydrostatic pressure, corrosive chemicals carried by groundwater, and extreme temperature fluctuations can compromise a tunnel’s structural integrity. Just as critically, many tunnels are routed under sensitive locations where any failure can lead to not just substantial repair expenses, but disruption of essential activities that the tunnel’s meant to route around. And even then, repairing failed tunnel waterproofing may not even be possible without removing tons of overburdencreating even greater disruption and further driving up repair costs.


Different types of tunnel waterproofing system

  • Liquid and Spray waterproofing system

  • Panel waterproofing System

  • Membrane waterproofing system

  • Epoxy liner waterproofing system

  • Hybrid waterproofing system

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